Living Key

Living Key

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From the current close-up repertory of Cristóbal, this is the final routine with the Haunted Key. A demonstration of energy work or a bizarre effect of possession, you choose. The perfect Halloween effect. Use with caution: spectators will freak out.

This is not for the hobbyist, but it's an easy effect to perform if you have experience with this kind of techniques.


You give the key to a spectator that can feel how the key comes to life with his own energy. Finally the mentalist proves how the spectator and the key are now connected.


  • No extra props (only the key)
  • Anywhere, anytime
  • No stooges of any kind
  • Perfect for close-up, walkaround,...
  • You can do it surrounded

What they're saying

«Our friend Cristobal was provided a lovely set of nuances and subtleties for the classic Haunted Key effect. There is "suggestion" and other elements that will allow the effects to be amplified for those watching. There are also great ideas which serve to make this effect a lovely segue to other effects (I am being purposely vague). These are elements particular to Cristobal's description, but I also wanted to mention that effects of this genre to me fall in the category of real magic(k). Like pendulum work, I love the reality of these types of effects.


I will put Cristobal's lovely subtleties to good use.» Sear Waters, author of "Ponderings", "Contemplations" and more

«[...] I found "Living Key" to be worthy of publishing and can see that Cristobal has put a lot of thought and work into his own version of the Haunted Key. There is also proper crediting, which I am very glad about. Bottom line: buy "Living Key" and "Heavily Haunted" and you will end up with something even more spectacular.» Dale A. Hildebrandt, author of "Heavily Haunted" and more

«[...] adoro la Haunted Key y las ideas que nos propone Cristóbal no quedan atrás, un trabajo muy completo a un precio excepcional, si tienes una Haunted Key y quieres ampliar tus conocimientos sobre ella, no dudes en hacerte con "Living Key" y si aun no conoces este efecto hazte con el nuevo trabajo de Cristóbal, no lo dudes. Cristobal ha conseguido llevar la Haunted Key a otro nivel,me encantan las sutilezas de Living Key» Keiz, autor de "Aperitivos Mentales", "Psyco-Knive" y otros

«Uno de los efectos mas clásicos en mentalismo y quizás de los primeros que un mentalista aprende, con la única diferencia que esta vez viene complementado con todo lo necesario para que te funcione desde el primer momento con detalles que no se encuentran fácilmente y que Cristóbal ha sabido combinar inteligentemente para conseguir unos resultados que te sorprenderán hasta a ti mismo y que no lo creerás hasta que lo pruebes.» M.Talman, creador de Mail Prediction y otros

English. 16 pages, more than 2.400 words with photographs.