Tahúr (english)

Tahúr (english)

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This is the gambling demonstration that Cristóbal uses in his show "Cartas Bajo Control" ("Cards Under Control"). About ten minutes long, it's an entire act with four phases, showing almost impossible skills, like card location while shuffling, estimation, card control, and the legendary center deal. You can deal the four aces without spectators could see the cheats, even when they know what you are going to do.

There is not necessary you to know how to do a center deal, though in parts of some of this routines you'll need to know some techniques. References and links are included, even alternative handling.

In addition, in this ebook are included for the first time in deep explanations of some original techniques like:

  • A multiple card control in table, without disorder the deck (although the impression is that the deck is genuinely shuffled and cut).
  • A new method to stack any number of cards for any players: spectator put the four aces face up anywhere in the face down deck, he squares. Without shuffling, or apparently moving any card, the magician is able to deal the four aces to a player in a game.

You can use these techniques and other ideas and presentations of the book in other routines of your own. Also, you can perform each of the phases separately.

About the routines:

  • Only one deck is used.
  • The deck is shuffled by spectators, no setup is requiered.
  • There is no added cards, or gimmicks, or anything else.
  • You can ask for a shuffled deck and perform this demonstration at a moment notice.
  • You can perform it surrounded: there is no lapping, or deck switches, etc.
The routines:
  • "My favorite cards": spectator shuffles the deck. The four of a kind that the spectator chooses transform in the four aces.
  • "Dealing the aces (with surprise)": a poker demonstration.
  • "Locating and estimating": the magician shows how gamblers can know the exact position of the cards while shuffling. This way the artist can locate the four aces one by one.
  • "The center deal": the magician explains what is a center deal, after that spectator lost the four aces face up in the face down deck and squares. Without shuffling, the magician deal five hands, with the aces appearing face up, apparently from the middle of the deck, each time he deals in his own hand. In this demonstration there is no shuffles or cuts.

The stack method explained here is something you are going to add immediately to your repertory. Experts like Juan Tamariz or Dani DaOrtiz have praised the simplicity and fairness of it. That alone is worth the price of the book.

 English. 27 pages, more than 4900 words with photographs.