V-Code (english)

V-Code (english)

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Show the telepathy connection between your partner and you:

The spectator selects an ESP card. You, as the sender, concentrate on the symbol, then your partner, the receiver, starts describing the mental images she gets until she guesses the whole card.

What is V-Code? It’s a two-person code using only ONE word.

V-Code is a system to perform multiple effects, that you can do anytime, anywhere. You can do it even with your partner miles away over the phone!

It includes some additional ideas:

  • Same effect but using drawings from the spectators.
  • A final phase in which your partner guess the symbol while you are in another room. No word spoken.
  • A version using common objects from spectators.
  • Tips and tricks to perform V-Code over the phone.

Also, I explain the philosophy that I use to perform this kind of effect. But this is important: V-Code is not designed to be performed in a formal setting (although you technically can, of course). On the contrary, this is meant to be used in the most intimate sessions, only for those very special moments, when you want your close friends to experience a paranormal event.

The main method is based on two principles. The first one was buried in an old book. The other is completely new. You can apply these to your own routines, or even create completely new effects based on this.

«Cristóbal, I loved it! What an interesting idea of how with just one word you can communicate in such a structured way.
Methodological principles are combined as simple and casual actions in the external reality, but in the internal reality they allow you to find the shape and the way.»
Pablo Amirá, author of Poker Face, Nada,...

«A very ingenious method to unlock, in an easy way, the door to the world of telepathy between two people.»
Jon Zabal, author of Información Reservada, Metáforas,...

 English. 23 pages with diagrams.